Yariv Bash (Bio of Co-founder of SpaceIL)

Bio from CES conference website (next in January 2020)

Co-Founder and CEO, Flytrex

Yariv Bash is the co-founder and CEO of Flytrex Aviation, providing autonomous drone delivery systems. Flytrex was the 1st company in the world to deploy a B2C drone delivery system in the capital of Iceland, and it is now spearheading drone deliveries in the US as part of an FAA pilot program. Prior to Flytrex, Yariv was the Founder and CEO of SpaceIL. SpaceIL’s mission: landing an unmanned spaceship on the moon. The $95M not for profit project is scheduled to launch in February 2019 with a April 2019 moon landing. Prior to that, Yariv worked as an R&D engineer for the Israeli MOD, and was the co-founder of “Mahanet” – a national creativity camp for the defense and security forces of Israel. Yariv holds a BSc.EE from Tel Aviv University.

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