Just a few moments after the non-controled landing of Beresheet (also called, from a non-technical perspective, a “crash”), the primer minister of Israel asked:
– How long will it take to send another one?
– Two to three years.
– All right, in two years, a second spaceship on the moon, this time completely!

Who am I?

French-Israeli writer, currently living in the country of Uncle Sam. I have published five books of fiction and worked as an economics teacher. I’m also a space enthousiast, and currently working on a sci-fi novel about space exploration from an Israeli perspective.
I have followed the beresheet adventure, and was so excited about the result of the mission that I decided to create a blog to chronicle the next chapter.
I am clearly not an expert on any of these matters: my goal is to centralize all the information I can find, ask questions, and try to explain all this in an accessible way.