Yariv Bash (Bio of Co-founder of SpaceIL)

Bio from CES conference website (next in January 2020)

Co-Founder and CEO, Flytrex

Yariv Bash is the co-founder and CEO of Flytrex Aviation, providing autonomous drone delivery systems. Flytrex was the 1st company in the world to deploy a B2C drone delivery system in the capital of Iceland, and it is now spearheading drone deliveries in the US as part of an FAA pilot program. Prior to Flytrex, Yariv was the Founder and CEO of SpaceIL. SpaceIL’s mission: landing an unmanned spaceship on the moon. The $95M not for profit project is scheduled to launch in February 2019 with a April 2019 moon landing. Prior to that, Yariv worked as an R&D engineer for the Israeli MOD, and was the co-founder of “Mahanet” – a national creativity camp for the defense and security forces of Israel. Yariv holds a BSc.EE from Tel Aviv University.

Resume on LinkedIn

Co-founder and CEO
Jun 2014 – Present
Tel Aviv
Flytrex is a leading consumer drone technology company that develops consumer drones as well as black boxes for multirotors and quadcopters. The Flytrex network of pilots hosts thousands of pilots worldwide. Flytrex products are used in more than 70 countries around the world and are available via the Flytrex Shop, affiliates and worldwide distributors. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, visit www.Flytrex.com.

Founder, Team Leader
Dec 2010 – Present
Tel Aviv
SpaceIL is an Israeli nonprofit founded at the end of 2010, answering the Google Lunar X Prize challenge. SpaceIL is aiming to make history and land the first Israeli spacecraft on the Moon and to inspire a generation along the way. To date, SpaceIL has raised more then $50M as an Israeli non-profit, and is currently considered to be one of the leaders in the GLXP competition.

Digital Rights Movement – התנועה לזכויות דיגיטליות
Member of the Board
Feb 2016 – Present

Member of the Streering Committee
May 2013 – Present
A joint venture of Israel Innovation Institute, the Prime Minister’s Office (Fuel Choices Initiative), Ministry of Science, Keren Hayesod and the Israeli Automotive and High-Tech industry, EcoMotion is building an interdisciplinary community focused on Smart Transportation, stimulating multiple solutions in R&D and entrepreneurship, and developing Smart Transportation.

Aug 2008 – Present
Mahanet is the Israeli defense forces creativity camp, an annual 3 day event around creativity and technology. More than 300 people from all branches and units of the IDF join hands in brainstorming and prototyping future developments while meeting new friends and gaining hands on experience in new fields.


Tel Aviv University
Degree NameBsc Field Of StudyEE
2001 – 2005

IDC Herzliya

Yariv can be followed on LinkedIn.

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